“IKY gave me the opportunity to discover myself and broaden my horizons. As everyone else before me, I participated in the program LLP Erasmus Studies. Having as a new destination the Department of Human Sciences in Rome, I left the Department of Business Administration in Igoumenitsa.

At the beginning I believed I would learn only two things, the language and the culture of the country. Those were my humble expectations and now I can’t believe how naïve I was. That program offered me much more than that. I didn’t get to know just a language or a culture. I met people that I can call friends and, the most important, my very self. I understood that there are no limits where there is want for communication.

Despite the fact I was speaking like I foreigner, which admittedly I was, everybody helped me. The schoolmates and professors of the receiving institution supported and welcomed me with much more enthusiasm that I could have imagined. I recall fondly the people at the administrative office who greeted me smiling and shouting “Viva Greece” each passing day. We both knew that they actually cheered our formed relationship. Thus because the country didn’t matter to us, we weren’t bound by the origin or the diversity.

I lived six amazing months full of collaboration and creativity. I obtained many things, first of them all myself. I also gained knowledge on subjects I may never have the chance to learn again. I met people that will always be there for me not matter what and I realized that a simple decision can make the difference. I made that decision and I know that I will always seek to keep in touch with this wonderful new world that I got to know.”  

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