State Scholarships Foundation supports and motivates students to complete their studies promptly.

For this purpose, from 2017 IKY has implemented circles of scholarship programmes aiming at strengthening and supporting the prompt completion of the studies of diligent low-income students and at ensuring equal access to University education of people with disabilities and of individuals belonging to vulnerable social groups. The project is co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Social Fund- ESF) through the Operational Programme «Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning 2014- 2020».

Moreover, within the context of the bequests managed by IKY, scholarships are offered and granted for pre graduate studies in Greece. In particular:

a) Scholarships are granted from the “Klearhos Tsouridis” legacy for pre-graduate studies to impoverished students who stand out in the exams for admission to Higher Education, originating from Komotini and the countryside of the Rodopi Prefecture.

b) Scholarships are granted from the “Alexandros Hatzopoulos” legacy for pre-graduate studies to impoverished students of Higher Education Institutions (Universities/ Technological Education Institutes), preferably originating from Constantinople.

In the past, one-time scholarships were offered to students having achieved the best scores in a) The Entry Exams to Higher education Institutions and b) The exams conducted at the end of each academic semester.

Also, IKY financed scholarship holders within the context of its collaboration with CERN. Pre-graduate students were given the opportunity to participate in retraining programmes in physical and theoretical sciences (Geneva, Switzerland).

Last but not least, the State Scholarships Foundation implemented a Scholarship programme in order to support the best and the financially weak students to complete their pre-graduate studies in a Greek Higher Education Institution. It is important to note that the funding of 440.933,68 € was given from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and that the money was collected after a fundraising Cypriot students in 2012.

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