Drougkas Theotokis, Erasmus Placement and Studies

Read the Erasmus experience of Theotokis Drougkas, from the Department of Business Administration of the Technological Institute (T.E.I.) of Epirus, who both for studies and placement to Germany. 

“I had the chance to take part into the Erasmus Studies and the Erasmus Placement Programs. Each of both times that I received the big “yes” for these programs I knew that my life would never be the same again. I can say with great sincerity that the program satisfied my purposes in terms of career goals and my experience of the abroad. Without it I wouldn’t have the power and strong will to follow a master course abroad.

There are no negative facts as far as Erasmus is concerned. The cooperation with a place that hosts you for this magical year and the interaction you get to have with the people you hang out with in your everyday life, is something inspiring that can make you see life from a different point of view. The interaction, the exchange of cultural facts is something that besides the knowledge you gain from it, it gives someone the opportunity to find out who he is and discover a page that he or she may hide beneath him.

When I returned to Greece, I realized with great surprise that the Erasmus program had really big popularity among my fellow colleagues and this fact was the main reason for me to take part in one of the ESN clubs of Greece. This is how I realized that a lot of people, just like me, go after the same dream.

If someone came to me and ask if he should take the decision and say “yes” to Erasmus, then I would say to him to go for it without any hesitation. The Erasmus program both in an academic level and in an internship level opens your eyes and broadens your horizons like no other life experience. I really hope that the following students continue to support the program and make their lives better through it.

Closing this brief, I would like to share something I realized during my stay in Germany: Dies sind die Erfahrungen die niemand von euch nehmen kann. Diese Erfahrungen werden immer in ihren Herz bleiben/ These are the experiences that no one can take from you. These are the experiences that will always stay in your hearts.”  

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