Erasmus+ International Mobility, Pengcheng (Roy) Li, Australia

It is a great opportunity to participate such an amazing exchange program from Brisbane, Australia to Alexandroupolis, Greece. Not only for academic research between two labs but also for personal experience.
This is a small city but with nice people, they are willing to offer any help because I cannot speak Greek. For all lab members, they are lovely colleagues. I can remember the first time I visit the lab, they used Chinese characters to welcome my arrival.
The scenery here is awesome, the apartment where I live is very close to the sea. Almost every day after work I will take a walk along the street near the sea to see the beautiful and unique sun set. Local citizens also enjoy their summer days a lot, with kids chasing around, which is warm and peace.

When speaking of food here, it is beautiful yum and cheap, among them Yirus is my favourite. It is also a good choice to try the fresh sea food. Besides that, there are also some interesting activities like the Alexandroupolis Exhibition, wine festival, etc.
For the lab work, A/Prof. Boukouvala helps me a lot, we can have a 4 hours chat about research project at least once a week. She is also a responsible and wise supervisor, I can still remember she picked me up in the airport and helped me to open a bank account which is very complicate for a student coming from Non-European country. I really appreciate for her kindness.

In all, it is worth to be here to learn new things for both research and experience.

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