EPALE Focus: Vocational Education and Training for Adults

In honour of Vocational Skills Week 2017 (20-24 November), EPALE dedicates the month of November to vocational education and training (VET) for adults.

People, organisations and governments invest in VET because of its positive outcomes, such as higher wages, improved productivity and economic growth. In 2010, an estimated two thirds (66%) of enterprises in the EU provided continuing vocational training to their employees, however, this share varied widely between Member States – from 22 % in Poland to 91 % in Denmark.

At EPALE, they appreciate the importance of VET for adults’ employability and they do their best to promote its benefits. Check out EPALE’s thematic page Entrepreneurship and employability where the community and the national teams have gathered interesting articles, useful resources and case studies on the topic (content varies based on your language preference). Visit EPALE regularly for new content in November!

EPALE invites you to join its live discussion on vocational education and training for adults. The discussion will be in English and will take place on this page on 30 November 2017. It will be moderated by EPALE’s Thematic Coordinator for Quality, Andrew McCoshan.

For more information visit EPALE’s site.

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