Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Faculty of sciences and techniques, (Incoming students to the University of the Aegean)


As the first students from outside the European Union specifically Moroccan students, we are so excited to be part of the most popular and intriguing life experience “ERASMUS”.

First week was interesting because we had the chance to discover the island where we’ll be spending our mobility period, which is the beautiful island Lesvos and the city Mytilini that gives lovely vibes, also we had the pleasure to meet the people from the Erasmus office who were so kind, delightful and trying to help as much as they could. For the hosting Department of Marine sciences of the University the Aegean , until now I have only the best to say about this department and all the people there, especially our Professor Ourania Tzoraki.

Finally meeting new students from many different countries is the fun part, It will be the best chance to make new friends with whom we will explore new places and exchange our different cultures and experiences. We are looking forward to have the best time of our lives and learn as much as we can.

Thank you!

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