Student of the Athens University of Economics and Business

I have come to Soongsil University for one semester; and it is such an awesome experience. Having the chance to come to South Korea, through Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Programme is so unique, from the incredible daily trips to parts of Seoul, to taking road trips on the weekends to different cities nearby. It has allowed me to live in another part of the world, so far from Europe, where I get to experience firsthand a different taste of Asian culture and meet so many amazing people. Even if it is just for one semester, participating in an exchange program is a great way to open your eyes and get out of your comfort zone. It is amazing how Asia can have such a different vibe, culture, etc.; and seeing these differences makes me want to travel more and more. Therefore, applying for this exchange programme and being selected to spend a semester in Seoul has offered me so many opportunities to experience once-in-a-lifetime moments. This semester has become one of the most influential periods in my entire schooling, by gaining educational benefits and networking with interesting people from all over the world. I am just amazed at how much I can learn in such a small period of time just from traveling to another place, and at how much I can broaden my horizons! The possibilities offered to a student through this programme are countless. One should never miss such a chance to study abroad; this is one step I would advice everyone to take!

Greeting from sunny Seoul!

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