10th of April 2014 – European Language Label Award Ceremony

State Scholarships Foundation, with its role as the National Agency for the Lifelong Learning Programme, held on Thursday April the 10th an award ceremony of the European Language Label 2013 action at its premises.

The awarded Institutions are:
1. 1st Lyceum of Kaisarianis, for the programme titled “Europe’s Tomorrow: Contemplating the Present for a better Future”
2. Elementary School of Metaksadon – Evros, for the programme titled “European multilingualism through product packaging”
3. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, for the programme titled “The 7 keys of the dragon”

The president of the board of IKY assistant Professor Effie Basdra stated “The ultimate and most important goal is to prepare trainees – future members of the employment chain – to incorporate and creatively play the role of the European citizen within the multicultural society we live in, either at a national or a European level. This is important as borders have been eliminated within the free labor market”.

The European Language Label is an initiative of the European Commission in the Multilanguage sector, seeking to encourage innovative teaching and learning languages methods, with its ultimate objective being to raise the standards of language teaching throughout Europe.

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