18th of October 2013 – Congratulating event honoring scholars in the framework of the Excellence Scholarship Programme IKY-SIEMENS


State Scholarships Foundation held an event on Thursday the 17th of October at the Foundation’s offices in Nea Ionia, to honor scholars of the Excellence IKY-Siemens scholarship programme. The scholarships cover Master studies, PhD thesis and postdoctoral research in Greece.

The president of the board of IKY assistant Professor Effie Basdra welcomed all scholars and acknowledged them for their continuing pursue of Excellence. “You have attained Excellency, she said, thus we must support you. We must support you with all our strength for an additional reason as well: on this difficult conjuncture for our country, even though you could have sought for an opening at Institutions abroad, you stayed in Greece! That is why we have to be by your side. IKY, with rapid procedures, as you have already witnessed, tries to carry out this programme supporting research, innovation, new technologies and the country’s excellent research resources, especially in the current dried out research landscape. Be sure that the programme will be completed in the same conduct and tempo, as it was launched.”

IKY once more congratulates the scholars of the IKY-Siemens Excellence Scholarship programme !!

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