Read the Erasmus experience of Maria Ioannou, from the Department of Business Administration of the Technological Institute (T.E.I.) of Epirus, who went to Bari, Italy. 

“I participated in the Erasmus Program/ undergraduate studies, during my studies in the Department of Business Administration in Igoumenitsa, since I didn’t manage to participate during my first studies at the department of Preschool Education.

My intention was to learn a new language, to meet a foreign educational system, the work opportunities I could have, to meet young people from whole Europe, to exchange cultural elements, to broaden my mind, generally to evolve myself, things I accomplished through my participation in Erasmus.

From the first moment in Bari, I met people that were open and willing to help, that pleased me lot. During my stay in Italy, by meeting locals and other students, I was able to communicate easily and finally created friendships that last until today. I didn’t face any negative experiences, apart from one incident that was solved quickly and cannot spoil the general positive feeling.

Being a semester abroad, I gained a lot of things, not only educational but also skills that will help me in my professional development in Greece or abroad. It is a life experience through which you can be improved academically; learn a new way of life, have roommates, learn your limits. Get to know yourself, take responsibilities and obligations. In other words to mature in order to cope with the current or the future circumstances you may face and start thinking differently and more integrated.”  

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