Read the Erasmus experience of Thomas Liafos, from the Department of Business Administration of the Technological Institute (T.E.I.) of Epirus, who went to Koln, Germany. 

“I would like to share my experience of a special journey and about the amazing life changing time I had. I am referring to the semester I spent studying in Germany and specifically in Cologne at the Department of Multilingual Communication. The opportunity to study there was given to me by the new Erasmus+ program and by the Department of Business Administration of the Technological Institute (T.E.I.) of Epirus, in which I am studying.

I wanted to participate in this program because I considered it to be a very good opportunity to get in touch with another academic environment as well as a different culture. Of course practicing foreign languages was also one of the main reasons that I wanted to participate. Now I can say with certainty that all of those things I was hoping to achieve with this program were largely accomplished.

One of the first thoughts that I have made, even before starting my journey, was about how I would cooperate with the other students and with my teachers. At the beginning I was pretty nervous by all those changes and that affected negatively my ability to communicate. Every day that past though that feeling was receding and by the end I could improve my lingual competency without having made any particularly negative experience.

This experience as a whole had a strong positive impact on various personal matters. But a program like that does not only benefit at a personal level, but has the potential to benefit even at a national level. The students will return with new knowledge and innovative ideas from abroad, which they can use in their future careers in their countries. Certainly even at a European level a program like Erasmus+ is helping the youth of the European countries to come together.

The experience and the knowledge I could get out of the Erasmus+ program was unique and unrepeatable. That is why I would suggest to everyone who is interested in participating in an equivalent program…to do it without a second thought”!  

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