In 2014, State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) established the innovative “2+2” Scholarships Programme in collaboration with the National Bank of Greece. In particular, it provides scholars, in parallel to their post-graduate studies, with in-service traineeship for two years maximum and, subsequently, full-time employment jobs for two more years.
Moreover, IKY provides fellowships through the endowments that it manages. Scholarships are granted in accordance with the deed of incorporation of each bequest and the applicable bequest legislation.

In addition, IKY cooperates with the Hellenic College Holy Cross and provides scholarships and exchanges which are open to:

1. Foreigners of Greek origin, holders of a Master of Divinity from the “Holy Cross” Boston School of Theology and students of the post-graduate studies programme “Master of Theology”, so that a part of their post-graduate studies is carried out in post-graduate studies programmes established in the Departments of Schools of Theology in Greece.

2. Greek graduates from Departments of School of Theology in Greece and students of post-graduate studies’ programmes in Schools of Theology in Greece, so that a part of their post-graduate studies is carried out in the “Holy Cross” Boston School of Theology and, particularly, so that they attend the Master of Theology programme.

In the past, IKY offered fellowships for post-graduate studies (Master) through the “IKY Fellowships of Excellence for Postgraduate Studies in Greece – Siemens Programme” in the framework of the Hellenic Republic – Siemens Settlement Agreement.  The Programme covered 50 scholarships allocated in 4 leading-edge thematic areas:

1. Industry

2. Health

3. Energy

4. Infrastructure – Urban Development – Environment

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