Michal Bejček, Erasmus+ Mobility for Training, CzechTechnical University in Prague, CZ

I was already Ph.D. student when I came to Athens, so my expectations from the Erasmus programme were a little bit different from other younger students. However, Erasmus had still a lot to offer to me in the form of traineeship, which I experienced in the Mechanical Engineering Department in ASPETE, GR.

Everyone in the university was very kind and helpful to me from the first day (in the library was even a desk prepared for me!). Thanks to my supervisor in ASPETE I gained not just important technical knowledge, but also the ability to see things in a wider perspective; what is more, I managed to make a huge progress with my thesis.

Beyond the university campus, I really liked the warm and welcoming nature of Greek people everywhere I’ve been. They have such an amazing history one can feel in every corner of the street. I also met a lot of new people and came to realize the cultural relations between them.

At the beginning the Erasmus programme was for me just a tool to educate myself, but in the end it became much more. I came back to the Czech Republic with a lot of unforgettable memories and valuable experiences! 

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