On November 4th 2016, the National Agency for the Erasmus+ programme (ΙΚΥ), carried out a technical seminar on the management of Key Action 1 approved projects, “Learning Mobility of School Education Staff Key Action 1”.

Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ programme in School Education has to do with continuing vocational training opportunities, offered, by the Erasmus+ programme, to teachers of public and private schools. In this context, this technical workshop was held with reference to schools, whose 2016 applications were approved.

More than 110 school principals and teachers responsible for the implementation of the mobility projects attended the meeting. Participants provided feedback to the National Agency on the opportunities presented to the school from their project. The obligations arising from the agreement were also discussed, as well as management issues related to the projects, the School Education Gateway platform and good practices from previous beneficiaries.

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