A new Call for Applicants for the IKYDA Programme 2016 (collaboration between DAAD and IKY) has now opened. The closing date for Greek research proposals is November 6, 2015.

Since 2000, IKY and the German Society for Academic Exchanges (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst – DAAD) have been running the IKYDA programme based on a bilateral agreement to further promote the scientific cooperation of the Tertiary Education Institutes, as well as the research institutes, in Greece and Germany. The programme is intended for teams of scientists or researchers in all cognitive fields, who are called to prepare a joint research project with their German partners via an exchange of mutual visitations. The total period of financing lasts from one (1) to three (3) years.

The programme is launched in the summer months and the application closing date is usually in September. Applications are submitted to the relevant National Agency (IKY – DAAD) of each country by the scientific coordinator of the project. The research team in each country is comprised by least three (3) members, including the scientific coordinator, without limitation as to the maximum number of members. The team members must be active teachers (of all grades) in Tertiary Education Institutes, researchers from Greek research institutes, PhD holders, PhD applicants or post-graduate students. Collaboration between two or more institutes is permitted, irrespective of whether these are in Greece or Germany.

According to the IKY – DAAD agreement, applications submitted by both Greeks and Germans will be examined by certified evaluators. Initially the evaluation process takes place at the premises of the National Agency and is, then, completed within the context of a joint Greek – German Evaluation Committee meeting. During the selection process, priority is given to the promotion of junior scientists, the complementarity of research plans and the possibility of scientifically benefiting from the results.

 New Call for Applicants for the IKYDA Programme 2018 (collaboration between DAAD and IKY) has now opened. The closing date for research proposals is November 30, 2017.

The terms and conditions are set out in the Call for Applicants. For Greek version click here.

Contact Ιnformation:
Anna Karakatsani, tel. 210 3726331, akarakatsani@iky.gr
E-mail for Applications: foreigners@iky.gr

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