For the academic year 2015-2016, this programme is not open.

Scholarships for doctoral and post- doctoral studies offered to citizens of:

1. Countries of the Balkans and Eastern Europe (Non-EU Member States), Asia, Africa and Latin America.

2. European Union Member States, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Japan, Canada and Oceania.

Scholarships are granted annually following selection based on criteria for evaluating the application files and they cover all scientific fields.

The scholarship duration ranges from one (1) to three (3) years and depends on the studies programme and the progress made by the holder.

Moreover, it is also possible for scholarship holders to attend Modern Greek language classes in a public Greek university course.


Contact: Georgia Mama, tel. 210 3726325,

Anna Karakatsani, tel. 210 3726331,

Panagiota Sarantakou, tel. 210 3726338,


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