Sofia Tampouri, MSc in career counseling, Scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation.

Sofia Tampouri was honored with Scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation to complete her MSc in career counseling.

Now, Sofia is Head of the Career Office at the University of Piraeus and Co-founder of (Tele Career Counseling).

At the Career Office, she is responsible for strategic planning and management (organizational and financial planning and control, budgeting, resource allocation, leading human resources, promotional activities). In this capacity, she counsels students, instructs seminars on career orientation and skills development, organizes career fairs, conducts research on youth entrepreneurship and alumni career development, and cooperates with enterprises and institutions involved in employment and entrepreneurship.

She is also co-founder of the recent non-profit initiative in Greece “”, which aims to provide online career counseling to youth populations based on asynchronous, online learning.

Sofia has participated as a speaker on various Conferences, she has published a number of papers regarded career counseling and entrepreneurship, and she has been co-authored two student manuals.

Recently, Sofia participated in the delegation represented Greece in the International Visitor Leadership Program of the State Department “Career Centers at U.S. Universities” (2015).  

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