IKY/NA announces the Call for Applications for Mobility in Vocational Education and Training for the year 2017.

What is the VET Mobility Charter?

A Call for Applications is announced annually, so that organisations may apply for the acquirement of the Vocational Education and Training Mobility Charter. The VET Mobility Charter is an accreditation of organisations with a strong record of successfully organising high quality mobility projects for VET learners and staff. The Mobility Charter is a recognition of the competence and capacity of organisations in the implementation of exemplary transnational mobility projects.


Who can apply?

Any public or private organisation (legal entity), active in the VET sector which has previously completed high quality mobility projects and wishes to strengthen its extroversion and its internationalisation strategy, can apply to the relevant Call for Proposals for the Mobility Charter. The application can be submitted either by an individual VET organisation or by a Consortium.

More specifically, the two main eligibility criteria are the following:

1. The applicant organisations must have completed at least 3 VET mobility projects under the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013 and/or the Erasmus+ programme.

2. The budget consumption rate on average for the last three completed projects should be at least 80%.

If an organisation does not have experience in implementing mobility projects in VET, or it does not plan to further internationalise its operations in the future, it may simply submit an application for mobility project funding in the usual way under the Key Action 1 mobility for VET learners and staff, as indicated in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.


The VET Mobility Charter Award

The VET Mobility Charter is awarded for the full duration of the Erasmus+ programme (up to 2020) and provides VET Mobility Charter Holders with the benefit of a simplified application in Key Action 1 for Vocational Education and Training. The award of the Charter, nevertheless, does not imply any direct funding, nor any guarantee for funding.



The deadline for applications for the Mobility Charter for Vocational Education and Training is the May the 17th, 2017, at 13.00 GMT (12.00 Brussels time).
The Greek electronic application will be posted in March 2017. Until then, please consult the application sample in English ( accessible only for reading)

For more information on the VET Mobility Charter please consult the relevant sections of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.

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