Erasmus+ International Mobility, Kristina Mitskevich, Russian Federation

University of Moscow, (Incoming student to Panteion University)

It is difficult even describe how happy I am to have a possibility to participate within the Erasmus+ Mobility Program here in Athens, and particularly at Panteion University. I was offered a wide range of subjects I could choose as among classes in English as from all lessons available for Greek students. I had an opportunity to organize my own study program by choosing the subjects that I am interested in, and this kind of system has worked really effective for me. I indeed enjoy attending all lessons I have here at Panteion because all of them are always incredibly interesting and informative, and also very challenging. Professors do all their best to urge students to think critically, to analyze and also be able to express argumentative opinions. Honestly, I am really impressed by professors who tend to be more as mentors than just as lecturers: they provide students with a lot of useful tools, advises, also during the class they use videos, presentations, audio material– everything they can just students could digest the lesson material better.

Besides, I would like to mention the International Mobility Office of Panteion University which is so welcoming and supportive to students, especially for Erasmus ones. I can undoubtedly say that each problem, each question that one can have will be solved immediately there. Thus, each student who has arrived at Panteion University within the Erasmus Program can feel absolutely safe and be sure he will not be abandoned here. Also I am very glad that University provides students with the free food at the students restaurant and I need to add that meals there are very-very delicious!

Overall, I want to say that this program gives really a lot of opportunities for students. First of all, it is a possibility to discover a new country, its culture and the different style of life. I am enjoying the pleasing, sunny weather here and Greek quite, relaxing life. Also there are a lot of historical sites to visit and it seems very attractive to me. Secondly, you have a possibility to meet other Erasmus students who are all from different countries and also to broaden your mind by talking with them and sharing experiences. Furthermore and very imposrtant, it is about gaining experience of education abroad which here at Panteion has really a good quality and makes me happier (also smarter, I believe) every day!

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