EPALE focus: Intergenerational learning

In October EPALE is having a focus on the benefits on intergenerational learning.

We are living in a dynamic society where younger and older generations often become distanced from one another. This segregation can lead to negative stereotypes between these generations and a decrease in the positive exchanges between them.

Intergenerational learning can be beneficial for older people in that it offers them an opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge, and reduces the chances of depression and isolation.

At EPALE we appreciate the important role of intergenerational learning in lifelong learning. Check out EPALE’s thematic page Older persons where the community and the national teams have gathered interesting articles, useful resources and case studies on the topic (content varies based on your language preference).

Also, don't forget to check out this analysis of intergenerational learning by Dr Christian Bernhard from EPALE Germany.

Visit EPALE regularly for new content in October!

A touching example of intergenerational learning in action:


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