Press Release of the 25th Programme of Greek Language and Culture


A new round of  International Scholarships funded by the State Scholarships Foundation (I.K.Y.) has now opened for the academic year 2018-2019 to support 50 non-Greek Nationals in attending a specific course in the “Modern Greek Language and Culture” in Greece.
The scholarships are offered for seven (7) months. For the academic year 2018-2019, the programme will take place at Ioannina University.
The closing date for electronic application via our e-mail: is  11/11/2018. All completed applications and documentation required in hard copy, shall be sent to I.K.Y. by 19/11/2018 (with a postal seal by this date).
Please note that due to the restricted time until the beginning of the course (December 2018), candidates are requested to send themselves all the necessary documents by 19/11/2018 (with a postal seal by this date).
The Call for Applicants along with the application forms are available on the IKY website .

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