The European Language Label is a European Commission’s initiative on the field of multilingualism, which aims at fostering innovative methods of teaching and learning languages with ultimate objective the overall strengthening of the educational process in the field of languages throughout Europe.

The European Language Label is a distinction that is awarded to organizations and individuals that achieve to develop tools and implement teaching methods, which can be rendered good practices and be adapted to different language environments from those in which they were developed.


Source: School Education Gateway

The general framework of the field of teaching and learning languages and multilingualism at EC level is described here. More specifically, the Erasmus+ Programme is a driving force for learning languages and offers opportunities to youth in view of improving their knowledge in languages through participating to education and training programmes in different countries. A brief outline of the opportunities offered is provided through the brochure found at the end of this page.

The State Scholarships Foundation as National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme on the sectors of Education and Training is implementing the Erasmus+ ‘European Language Label’ Initiative in Greece. Following a relevant national call for the expression of interest in submitting applications, which are being assessed by experts in the field of teaching and learning languages based on their content and against criteria that are set by the European Commission, as well as their relevance against the priorities established at European and National level.

Award Winning Event ‘European Language Label 2013’
Award Winning Event ‘European Language Label 2012’


Call for the Expression of Interest to Participate in the European Language Label Competition 2016
For further information, please contact us through telephone: +30 2103726365 and e-mail: ell@iky.gr 


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