StudyIntentions is a free service for:
Everybody thinking about studying abroad
Everybody preparing for a stay at a foreign university or school
Student associations wishing to get in touch with prospective international members
Students with recent experience at a higher education institution abroad


As a student member of StudyIntentions you can:
Search for other members who are preparing for a study abroad using your personal preferences.
Contact members who have already enrolled at the destination of your choice
Match your study plan to those of other members. Our unique profile matcher helps you to find the people with plans most like yours.
Learn more about student associations at your preferred destinations.
Post your questions. Our message boards are adapted to your personal study plans.
Communicate with your preferred contacts using private or group messaging.
Change your planned destinations as many times as you want. This feature is useful if you have not decided where you wish to go.

Study abroad? StudyIntentions lets you connect with people like you.

 Find out who else is going to your destination. Exchange your experiences.

 Tell us about your plans, and join our community today!

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